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Security & Surveillance > Automotive & Mobile Security > Car Safety Products > Lighting
CAT. NO. ZD0488
  RRP $17.90
41mm 12V Festoon Globe

41mm 12V Festoon Globe

Interior lights in cars always blow when you need them most. Replace them with LEDs and never have a blown globe again. These festoon replacements have wide dispersion angle, are much brighter than conventional globes, last far longer and use less power. Three sizes available:


 PartNo  Peak operating voltage  Luminous intensity  Forward current Viewing angle  Life 
 ZD-0484 - 31mm Festoon LED Globe  16.8V  5000mCd  60mA  120  20,000 hours
 ZD-0486 36mm Festoon LED Globe  16.8V  5000mCd   60mA  120  20,000 hours
 ZD-0488 - 41mm Festoon LED Globe  16.8V  8000mCd  90mA  120  20,000 hours

  1+ $15.90
  2+ $13.90
  4+ $12.70
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