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IT & Comms > IT Products > Connectivity > Hardware
CAT. NO. XC4696
  RRP $49.90
USB 3.0 SATA 2.5"/3.5" HDD Dock

USB 3.0 SATA 2.5"/3.5" HDD Dock

A 2.5"/3.5" SATA dock for USB 3.0 enabled desktop PCs and laptops. USB 3.0 boasts theoretical speeds of up to 4.8Gbps, that's ten times faster than its USB 2.0 predecessor. Such an exponential improvement makes buying USB 3.0 transfer devices such as docks and external drives a no-brainer. SATA docks are particularly useful for computer technicians, IT professionals and those of you who download a lot and need to swap between drives frequently. With USB 3.0 transferring gigabytes of files around will be significantly quicker so you can get back to what you love doing most, downloading more files.

• Backwards compatible with USB 2.0
• Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/Mac 9.X and higher
• USB 3.0 cable included
• Dimensions: 145(L) x 94(W) x 82(H)mm
  1+ $49.90
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