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Auto & Outdoors > Outdoors & Auto Products > Weather Forecasting > Specialty Weather Forecasting Products
CAT. NO. XC0358
  RRP $34.90
Deluxe Mini Weather Station

Deluxe Mini Weather Station

This product is for canoeists, abseilers and other outdoor types who drink low-fizz soft drinks. Whilst doing unbelievable physical exercise.

It is a compact weather station, altimeter, timer, alarm clock and ordinary clock (etc.). It also has a nifty little handle that goes straight on to your carabiner. Seriously, this product makes an attractive accessory for outdoorsy types. We make no promises for the weather forecasting function, but we do know that they have been very popular in the UK and we know how obsessed with weather they are!

• Measures a compact 70(L) x 45(W) x 15(D)mm (less handle)

  1+ $34.90
  3+ $31.90
  6+ $27.90
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