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Tools, Components & Cable > Test & Measurement > Electrical Testers > Contact
CAT. NO. QP2215
  RRP $19.90
12VDC Voltage Polarity Easy Tester

12VDC Voltage Polarity Easy Tester

A passive, quick and easy testing solution that performs five essential tests in the field:

1. Voltage: Check voltage of power sources easily in the field without a multimeter
2. Load: Apply a simulated 1A or 500mA load to power sources to check the voltage under load
3. Polarity: Check polarity of connections using the illuminated power connector
4. Voltage drop: Check the voltage drop over long cable runs
5. PTC: Check the integrity of PTC fuses

The load applied is selectable between 1A or 500mA to test wiring depending on location, device to be tested, and anticipated voltage drop. The illuminated power connector clearly displays polarity. Ideal for CCTV and security installers, car audio, roadies, AV techs etc.

Dimensions: 51(L) x 44(W) x 29(H)mm

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