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Tools, Components & Cable > Test & Measurement > Electrical Testers > Contact
CAT. NO. QP2212
  RRP $17.90
3-28V Cordless Voltage Tester

3-28V Cordless Voltage Tester

This professional grade cordless voltage tester is designed for used on modern cars. The voltage tester detects from 3 to 28 volt. It will light up and buzz when positive voltage is detected. Made from rugged chrome metal construction it is safe to use with ECMs, air bags, sensors, transducers etc. The circuit tester does not require a ground wire or clip, so it is easy to check in hard to reach places. A probe is supplied with a V-Groove tip to make piercing wire insulation safe.
  1+ $17.90
  3+ $15.90
  6+ $14.30
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