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Tools, Components & Cable > Test & Measurement > Oscilloscopes > LCD
CAT. NO. QC1914
  RRP $309.00
10MHz Velleman Rechargeable Handheld Pocket Scope

10MHz Velleman Rechargeable Handheld Pocket Scope

A vital piece of test equipment for hobbyists, students, technicians, or designers, the Velleman HPS140 pocket scope is a complete portable oscilloscope with a tiny size. With dozens of features found on full size digital oscilloscopes you'll be amazed how they squeezed all of it into a package a little larger than a smart phone.

It's impressive list of features includes full auto range operation, input sensitivity down to 1mV, real time sample rate up to 40MS/s, and bandwidth up to 10MHz. Aside from the standard scope features it also has some nifty tools including on screen markers for measurement of amplitude and time, RMS power measurement on audio speakers from 2 to 32 Ohms, hold function for the current display, and memory storage for 2 signals which are retained even after shutdown. The unit is housed in a durable rubber surround and the screen is LED backlit for easy viewing. An in-built Ni-MH battery gives up to 6 hours of run time and can be recharged with the included USB charge cable or a 9VDC plugpack (not included use Cat. MP-3146). Supplied with 1:1/1:10 CRO probe and USB charge cable.

• Bandwidth: 10MHz
• Real Time Sample Rate: 40MS/s
• Max input voltage: 100Vp AC or DC
• Input coupling: DC, AC, and GND
• Timebase Range: 250ns to 1hr per division in 32 steps
• Input Range: 1mV to 20V per division in 14 steps

• Dimensions: 114(H) x 74(W) x 29(D)mm
• Display Size: 50(W) x 25(H)mm
• Display Resolution: Full 128(W) x 64(H) pixels, Signal 118(W) x 49(H) pixels
•Weight: 200g

• Battery: In-built 4.8V Ni-MH rechargeable
• Battery life: Up to 6hours
• Recharge: 9VDC 200mA from included USB charge cable or plugpack (available separately Cat. MP-3146)

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  2+ $285.00
  5+ $249.00
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