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Tools, Components & Cable > Passive Components > Ferrites, Inductors & Suppression > EMI Filters
CAT. NO. MS4000
  RRP $7.90
240VAC EMI Filter - PCB Mount

240VAC EMI Filter - PCB Mount

Designed for mounting inside a chassis, these industry standard RF/EMI filters are pre-designed to reduice line-to-ground (common mode) interference. Rated for mains voltages of 125 or 240VAC 50 or 60Hz, they are very useful when mains cords are fixed to the outside chassis and an IEC320 inlet is not suitable.

Two types - PCB mount or chassis mount.

MS-4000: PCB Mount EMI Filter
MS-4001 Chassis Mount EMI Filter

Rated voltage: 250VAC, 50Hz
Rated current: 10A
Leak current: 0.8mA max
Insulation resistance: 100Mohm min
Attenuation: 1 - 50MHz
Termination: PCB mounting pins (MS-4000) & solder tags (MS-4001)
Dimensions: MS-4000 36(L) x 31(W) x 19(H)mm
                          MS-4001: 50(L) x 32(W) x 25(H)mm

  1+ $7.90
  25+ $5.50
  100+ $4.60
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