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Kits, Science & Learning > Kits, Science & Learning > Electronic Project Kits > General Household
CAT. NO. KC5498
  RRP $299.00
Ultrasonic Antifouling Kit for Boats

Ultrasonic Antifouling Kit for Boats

Ref: Silicon Chip Magazine September/October 2010

Many of you know that you can buy imported marine growth electronic antifouling systems that cost up to $8000. Jaycar, with Silicon Chip have developed a similar system based on this technology and information in the public domain. This project uses the same ultrasonic waveforms and virtually identical ultrasonic transducers mounted in sturdy polyurethane housings. By building yourself (which includes some potting) you save a fortune! Standard unit consists of control electronic kit and case, pre-built ultrasonic transducer, gluing components and housings. The single transducer design of this kit is suitable for boats up to 10m (32ft); boats longer than about 14m will need two transducers and drivers. Basically all parts supplied in the project kit including wiring. (Price includes epoxies).

• 12VDC
• Suitable for power or sail
• Works with aluminium and fibreglass boats (not suitable for timber, ferro cement or fibreglass foam sandwich construction)
• Could be powered by a solar panel/wind generator
• Output frequency range: 19.08 - 41.66kHz in 14 bands with 200ns steps. 
• Frequency sweep in each band: 12 frequencies ranging from 80Hz spacings at 20kHz to 344Hz steps at 40kHz
• Signal burst period: 600ms at 20kHz, 300ms at 40kHz (12000 cycles/ burst)
• Output drive. 250VAC
• Supply Voltage. 11.5V to 16V maximum
• Current drain: 220mA average at 12V driving a 3nF load

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