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CAT. NO. KC5361
  RRP $65.90
Full Function Smart Card Reader / Programmer Kit

Full Function Smart Card Reader / Programmer Kit

Ref: Silicon Chip July 2003

In January 2003, we released the Phoenix Type Smart Card Reader/ reprogrammer Kit. It provide a great tool for accessing the EEPROM data of many popular Gold cards. Now we have a new design, which will program many blank Gold, Silver, and Emerald wafer cards (with relevant loader software) which conform to ISO-7816 pinout standards. PC connection is via serial port, and the PCB can powered from a plugpack, 9V battery or your ATX power supply. Kit supplied with PCB, card socket, and all specified electronic components.

Jaycar has noticed a substantial increase in sales of the KC5361 Smart Card Programmer kit & ZZ8800 Programmable Gold Wafer Card.


We strongly suspect that this maybe due to persons unknown some how using these products to make unlawfully generated access codes for the latest cable T.V. set top boxes.


We also wish to advise that we discourage this activity. For those legitimate users, the KC5361 Programmer kit & ZZ8800 Smart card are back in stock.


Once again please be reminded that we cannot accept any responsibility for the use of these devices in other than legitimate activities.

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