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Kits, Science & Learning > Kits, Science & Learning > Electronic Project Kits > Power
CAT. NO. KA1797
  RRP $9.90
Low Voltage Adaptor  Kit

Low Voltage Adaptor Kit

Refer: Electronics Australia August, 1997
This kit is a low-powered DC converter for many car applications, for example, where you need a reliable voltage source for a portable CD player or similar battery-powered device. Another use for this adaptor is for a peripheral computer power supply to power external Zip drives, powered speakers, modems, music/MIDI keyboards, etc. Just plug its input into your PC’s internal power supply cable and get selectable regulated voltage out from 3 to 15VDC*. Output current capability is around 1.5 amps depending on the size of heatsink used - not included, available separately). All in all, quite a handy little kit!
 - PCB plus electronic components included.
 * Input voltage MUST be larger than the required output voltage

This product is out of stock in our warehouse. Please check if your local store has stock.

  1+ $9.90
  5+ $8.50
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