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Jaycar who?
If you have never heard of Jaycar Electronics, we suggest that you first read all about us. Click on the ABOUT US link on the Jaycar header for more info.

Bursting at the seams!
As you browse our site you should notice our website bursting at the seams with products, product information and resources. You will find over 40, 3 to 8 page thorough primers on various subjects including 'Meter Shunts and Multipliers', 'Units and Conversions Tables', 'Using and Charging SLA Batteries', 'Earth Loops and Hum', 'Video Signal formats', 'IEE1394 Firewire operation' and much more. Click on the PRIMERS link on the Jaycar header list for a full listing

Browse over 6,000 products
All available Jaycar product range can be searched and viewed online. You can search by category (left hand side menu), keyword or catalogue number. To help refine your search you can take advantage of the ADVANCED SEARCH feature.

Buy online
You can create an order whilst browsing our online product database by adding the product you like to the shopping cart. When you are satisfied with the order you have created select the checkout button and follow the prompts in order to submit the order online.

Don't want to buy online?
No problem. Make your order and print it instead of submitting it online. You can then mail or fax it to us with your payment or visit your nearest Jaycar store.

Fax your orders to:

  • Australia, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada: +612 8832 3118
  • New Zealand: +649 377 6422
    *Please note that orders are finalised upon printing.

Semiconductor Data Sheets
If you use semiconductors in your line of work or hobby, we're sure you will love our incredible list of over 4,000 pages of semiconductor datasheets, covering most of our semiconductor range. Click on the SEMICONDUCTOR DATA link on the Jaycar header for a full listing

We would like to hear what you like and dislike about our redesigned website. Send your email to

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